The Unintended San Francisco Conventicle

The Unintended San Francisco Conventicle

(note on a nameless suicide)

praying like a horse, goes without saying

since all night long someone is paying

thriving coped at an advanced course


San Francisco Golden Gate bridge crisis counseling message

look all those smart and lovely people

who qualify to be your therapist

but from their working desk or steeple

they just look down to fog and mist

* * *

as from North to South there comes a sobered mother

whose only son willingly capsized, and so … yet another

jumped at the gate, which is red and sure not golden

the interfaith prayers place, once supposed to embolden

* * *

but as the clouds hiding up the flaws

empty promises will no longer keep

grooming claws poke the fog

while the widows gently weep

* * *

the Berkeley boy wearily neighed his last sigh

swamped with void and hazy without hope

seemingly unable to cope

– something long passed by

* * *

he made no call for a fudge refuge

where the only substance is the fog

just said : après moi, la deluge

to avoid real life’s slog

SF golden gate bridge warning - use your brain

neighing prayers million-fold

often told on tipping toes

to mollify the mourners woes

not exactly what s been foretold

* * *

neither planes nor birds,

just geeks and nerds

sing their last lullaby,

 goodbye to rhythm and rhyme

* * *

while we stand around and look

disingenuously disinterested

ready for the thumb shot smile

                you got me!

* * *


* * *

(Yehuda Shenef, written Nov 16th, 2014)